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Not so New Comic Review: Earth X #9

                Everything seems to revolving around the Inhumans, who, coincidentally, are the subject of this issue origin spotlight.  Please note, this was years before the Inhumans became the new Disney-controlled Mutants of the Marvel Universe.  Ross and Krueger must have had a crystal ball or something, right?

                After the opening conversation and the Inhumans’ origin, we see that the Celestials have arrived, towering over all of the planets, looking as though they are going to pass judgment over Earth and all of its inhabitants.  The scope of these “Gods” is well sculpted by Leon, who shows the slightest sliver of a moon behind them in order to relay their size, and in this case, importance to the reader. 

                Back on Earth, Cap is still trying to recruit other heroes, taking his “World Tour” to Britain to attempt to recruit Captain Britain and those under his protection.  We find out that the Grey Gargoyle had turned the super team Excalibur to stone, which depressed Captain Britain and caused him to sequester his kingdom.  As it stands, Captain Britain is still against helping Cap, but we’ll see if he shows up things get crazy in America. 

                Speaking of America, we head back there, to the office of Norman Osborn, where The Skull and his entourage have cornered the President and his henchmen.  Spiders-Man, with his ability to cause people to hallucinate, uses his powers on Osborn, causing him to see Gwen Stacey.  She winds up pushing him off a cliff in his “dream” while in real life, the Skull actually pushes him out a window, where he falls until his foot gets caught in an American flag flying on the side of the building and his neck snaps, much like Gwen Stacey’s did.  Talk about coming full circle.

                In another part of New York, X-51 appears from the moon and confronts Reed Richards, showing him what the purpose of humanity is.  His foreboding “we’re antibodies” shows a much bigger game in play, something that the Celestials have had a hand in from day one.  We then switch to the Inhumans, where Karnak is still convinced that Maximus released the Terrigen Mists on the world.  Medusa uses her thinking cap though and figures out that it was actually Black Bolt that did it.  She thinks  that he did it, mutating the entire populace of Earth in order to prevent the Inhumans from dying when they moved outside of the hidden city where they lived.  Apparently, the regular Earth atmosphere was just different enough without the Terrigen Mists in it, that it was poisonous to Inhumans. 

                We finish on Reed and X-51 and the revelation that Celestials lay their egg inside the core of planets (Earth included), and superheroes are there to prevent destruction of the planet until the Celestial is ready to be born and…destroy the planet.  Now, it looks like the Celestial is ready to hatch, and all of Earth is doomed because of it.

Next Issue: And you thought the Skull was bad news, what happens when word gets out that the world is going to end because of a hatchling Celestial?  Does Cap recruit anyone else for what is turning out to be a pretty pointless mission of stopping the Skull?

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Sometimes, that's all it takes to suffer a losing streak, a little bad luck.

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Portfolio: February

The Asshole Bracket consumed the last month or so of Tuesdays, so this has been sitting in the hopper for awhile.  
Next week, I'll post March's contribution.
I also updated the original portfolio post, so you can see all of the work as the months progress.

Mega Man

Mega Man was one of my favorite characters and games when I was young.  When I found out that Archie Comics was doing a Mega Man series, I was excited, to say the least.  I would like to think that my passion for  the source material and my ability to tell a story involving cartoon robots not only shines through here, but would also make me a good candidate for a job penciling the blue bomber's monthly book.

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It's That Time

As someone that lives with an Eagles fan, I can say that Sluggy's comments were pretty spot-on. 
Wormy lucked out, no re-occurrence of the butt-fumble...yet.

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Not so New Comic Review: Earth X #8

                We open with yet another conversation between Uatu and X-51 regarding his deletion of his personality circuits.  This one ends ominously though as Uatu pledges to explain to X-51 what the Celestials are actually doing, and why the Watchers watch.

                While X-51 downloads that information, we see the origin of Spiderman.  That’s pretty mundane though and doesn’t offer much else until the end when the conversation between Uatu and X-51 turns contentious.  You see, X-51 failed to actually delete his personality circuits, lying to Uatu and pretending that he was a mere robot.  As they are fighting though, John Jameson comes in and asks for X-51’s help to warn the Earth.

                With that we head back down to the blue marble, where Cap uses Lockjaw’s (pour one out for poor Lockjaw, who died of mange too young) teleportation device to enter Iron Man’s impenetrable fortress.  Iron Man immediately goes all crazy germaphobe, vaulting himself to the ceiling and encasing himself in a clear Iron Man suit to escape the germs.  Another theory is the fact that Cap wore the same “costume” across country in a train, that thing has got to be smelling a little ripe right now.  Cap is trying to get Tony to help against the Skull, but Tony brushes him off, telling him that the Iron Avengers probably have it all taken care of already.  We then cut to the streets of New York, where the Skull’s forces have overcome and dismantled the Iron Avengers and are now attacking Hydra.  The people of New York can’t catch a break.  When the cops try to stop the Skull, the Luke Cage led team is met with the Skull’s mind control powers as he commands the officers to shoot Cage.  Cage cannot be harmed, however, and the ricochet kills those around him.  The Skull is just playing with everyone now.  Instead of growing his army, he has turned to mass murder. 

On top of a building, we get another quarrel between Spiderman and his daughter, May.  Spidey doesn’t want May to be a superhero, and May, rightfully so, sees that with great power, like a symbiotic super suit, comes great responsibility.  Down on the ground, Reed is finding out that the Vibranium explosion that he thought mutated the population, was not the culprit after all.  Apparently everyone on Earth is now Inhuman.  The Terrigen mists were released on the world, transforming everyone.  This is also evident because Luna, upon exposure to Earth’s atmosphere, has begun to transform as well.  This, of course, brings to mind the Marvel event of 2013, Infinity, where the Terrigen mists were released on the world, mutating the Inhumans that were hiding there.  Karnak initially blames the release of the mists on Maximus, Black Bolt’s crazy brother, but it turns out that Maximus is dead.  Who released the mists on Earth then?  That’s a mystery we will soon uncover.

In Dr. Strange’s humble abode, Hulk and Thor come rocketing out of the land of the dead, apparently impervious to Clea’s candle trick.  This isn’t really explained, though the buildup to their emergence is masterfully done by John Paul Leon.  A fight ensues, one in which Loki stays out of even though Clea requests his aid.  The skirmish does wind up in the death of both Clea and Thor though, if you are to believe Loki, that is.  I will withhold my judgment. 

We now travel to Russia, as Cap goes on his recruitment drive to try and gain the help of Colossus and his awesome mustache.  Colossus reluctantly agrees to help and we then travel back to New York, where May is battling Iron Maiden in the skies above New York.  While this is happening, we see Peter, May’s father, mind you, taking pictures.  Spiderman has turned into the least likable character in the Marvel Universe.  May defeats Iron Maiden and lands in front of the Skull, who immediately takes control of her mind.  Peter, dumbfounded at his lot in life, doesn’t know what to do next, so he just walks home.  We end the action with the Skull and his posse showing up to say hello to Norman Osborn, the President of the United States, who has an office in New York City. 

The Appendix for this issue is dense, but important, so I’ll try to summarize the best I can.  The Terrigen mists were brought to Earth by the Kree, an alien race that loves to mess with the Celestials plans.  Apparently there is the ability for everyone to have superpowers embedded within every person, they just need a catalyst to bring them forth.  Sometimes that’s a spider bite, the detonation of a gamma bomb, or the disbursement of the Terrigen mists.  The real reason everyone has powers, why the Celestials gave them to the population will be reveled next issue.

Next Issue:  What is the grand Celestial plan?  Can it be stopped?  Should it be stopped?