Friday, August 1, 2014

Bowing Out

I believe there's a Kenny Rogers song in here somewhere...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cover Volume I

That's right Shrimpophiles!  The first Eat @ Shrimpy's art book is ready to roll.  Covers collects the cover art for the first twenty-five major storylines (over half of which haven't been revealed yet) as well as the covers for the first five trade paperbacks (the first two will be released this holiday season).

You're getting thirty-two full color pages on glossy paper stock for only six dollars (plus shipping).  Can you believe that!?  Normally something like this would go for at least $6.50!  What a steal!

If you would like to order this piece of Eat @ Shrimpy's history, just email me at or find me on Facebook.

As an added bonus, if you purchase Shrimpology (ordering info to your right) you will get a copy of Covers absolutely FREE!  Buy three, one for you, one for your mom and one to prop up that table that's been a little wobbly, you know, the one in the dining room that you never use because there's no tv in there, but your wife had to have it...that one.

Not So New Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (1991) #44

                Hey, Yondu’s back!  And he brought guest penciler Jeff Moore with him.  Unfortunately Moore is more Dale Eaglesham than Kevin West, so this’ll be another long issue I fear. 

                We open on Aleta carting around the rest of the Guardians in an energy bubble, why they couldn’t just take the Guardians’ ship I’m not 100% sure.  Thanks to Aleta and Vance having yet another lovers’ quarrel we get a slight recap of recent events, including the Beyonder and Bubonicus.  We then get a close up on where the Guardians are heading, to Centauri IV, the home of Yondu. 

                We make a slight detour to Malevolence and the Protégé who are still stuck in the Beyonder’s crystal in the never-ending storyline.  Some weird looking guy with at stick shows up and apparently uses said stick to break the crystal and free its inhabitants.  The Beyonder destroys the guy with the stick (who turns out to be Mephisto in disguise) and in so gives the Protégé a chance to mimic his power.  They become locked in an epic battle (I assume) and gives Malevolence a chance to lament over her dearly departed father with some strange forced-perspective pose that looks like it’s out of Dale Eaglesham’s porn mag.  Mephisto isn’t dead though because, well, he’s the devil. 

                We see Hollywood harassing some poor bastard as he tries to find Dr. Doom only to have someone else come in and harass him some more to shut up about Dr. Doom. 

                Back on Centauri IV the Guardians land to a not-so-warm reception from Yondu.  Yondu is pissed because his society has been destroyed by the Badoon.  Wait, but we know that already, that’s what brought the Guardians together.  Oh, his society was destroyed earlier than he expected…oh, ok.  Plus it gave us some creepy Badoon-Centauri hybrids.  Why did this happen, you ask?  Because of Charlie’s dagger that he left when he was fighting the Captain Universe Badoon.  Aleta needs Yondu’s help on some magic quest she wants to undertake but Yondu has withheld his services until the past is put right and his people get to survive for a few more years, the things this guy takes a stand about…

                Anyway, at the end of the issue guess who pops up?  The one and only Starhawk, because plotlines couldn’t get any more convoluted.

Next issue: it’s Starhawk vs. Aleta in a battle no one cares about.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Clutch at the Westcott, Year Two

                Clutch came back to town on Thursday night, so what else was I going to do?  Brandon and I headed over, and despite trying our best to be late, were right on time.  The first band we saw was called Elephant Mountain, a local Syracuse band that was actually quite good.  They had a heavy Southern Rock feeling to them, a metal Skynrd if you will, and really seemed to be having a good time on stage, enjoying the opportunity provided to them.  I would honestly see them again, and for way longer than the twenty minutes they were given here as the opener.  If you like good music in general, and especially if you’re a fan of supporting the small, local bands, I would definitely suggest finding their music on Amazon or itunes.  They even have a song dedicated to firefighters, which tickled Brandon’s fancy, being a firefighter himself, and made him a fan right away. He purchased their most recent album and after listening to it a couple times, they are really good!  They aren't the good live band but loses that magic in the studio kind of band.  Elephant Mountain brings it no matter where they are.  I plan on seeing a lot more Elephant Mountain shows in the future.

                The next band up was American Sharks.  Ho-Lee-Fuck they were terrible.  Their opening song stole the riff from “Blitzkrieg Bop” and did nothing good with it, while their second song borrowed quite liberally from Black Sabbath (“Children of the Grave” if I remember correctly) and also failed to do anything good with it.  Brandon made it through one song before leaving, and I made it through one and a half.  We stepped outside and hung out for the rest of their set, and seeing the line of people exiting the theater during that set, we weren’t the only ones that disliked their “music”.  Seriously, I’ve seen shitty cover bands with more talent than those three jokers.  The fact that Clutch picked them to travel the country as their opener makes me wonder what the fuck they were thinking.  Was a monkey with a cowbell too expensive?

                Anyway, after an extended wait (seriously, the stage was set by 940 and we were waiting until at least ten for Clutch to come on) the moment was at hand.  All of the energy and polish that I’ve come to expect from Clutch was on full display.  Neil Fallon was at his manic best, bouncing around on stage, all hand gestures and gyrations, while the band were a perfect balance of standing completely still (seriously, Mick Mars looks at these guys and wonders if they’re alive) while still injecting energy on the stage with their playing.  The technical prowess of this band is second to none, it is seriously a joy to watch the artistic mastery of these guys on their instruments.  The set itself ran for around 90 minutes, with the highlight being that they mixed it up from last year.  There were a few holdovers from that show (“Electric Worry” to close things out, as well as “Earth Rocker “ and “Cyborg Bette” from the Earth Rocker album) but a good portion of the other songs were tunes I had yet to hear live, the highlights being “DC Sound Attack” ( a personal favorite) and “The Elephant Riders”. 

                While I was not a huge fan of the long wait for Clutch to take the stage, once they got there they did not disappoint.  I have a feeling that next year if they come back I won’t make the same mistake of getting there even close to on time (unless Elephant Mountain is playing).  I would suggest going to a Clutch show if you can, the energy that they have up on the stage is unparalleled.  For those of you in Central New York, check out Elephant Mountain as well, you won’t be disappointed.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Boneless ribs are pretty goddamn amazing, aren't they?

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Sure Thing

Do they sell beer that large?  Something tells me if they did it wouldn't be in a big mug.  
Though, if anyone was going to be able to develop the Hulk-Strength to adequately consume the beer in the mug, it would be a thirsty homeless man.