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Don't lie, you all sing that song when someone compliments your looks.

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I bet you didn't see that coming. did?
Well aren't you clever.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Not So New Comic Review: Universe X #8

                This issue starts with a brief history of the cosmic cube, and the realization that the cosmic cube might just be a Skrull (they have the power to basically be whatever they want to be, the next step on the evolutionary ladder).  It seems odd, but kind of right that the most cosmic of macguffins in the Marvel universe is just some random Skrull that decided one day that he was going to turn into a magical cube.

                This leads us to New York, where X-51 has come down to Earth to retrieve Nighthawk.  He takes Nighthawk down to the street where last issue ended and we see Gargoyle asking Mephisto (Mr. Church) to take back the ability to feel.  It’s a little late for Gargoyle to go all emo, but he hopes to make it to his friend by sacrificing his newfound ability to not be made of stone.  Nighthawk still wants to save him from Mephisto though, even after his treachery.

                We get a quick aside with Daredevil (who is not actually Matt Murdock, that Daredevil is dead) being approached by someone that was changed into a regular looking human by the Terrigen Mists.  He wants to be changed back into…whatever he was before and he asks Daredevil to point him to Reed Richards because, Reed is the only one that can change him back.

                With Iceman in New York, he has provided a little reinforcement to the torch as he has placed a giant, thick wall of ice between the torch and the seething masses.  Of course, that won’t hold forever as the mutants will stop at nothing to ensure that they stay mutated.  While that madness happens below, Luke Cage and Marshall Muldoon decry the fact that the Silver Surfer told them that he would help them keep the torch lit, but has yet to show up, even though most of the other torches around the world are doused.  Daredevil then shows back up amongst the churchgoers and basically begs to be killed, which they happily oblige him. 

                In Wakanda, Marv asks the Black Panther for the cosmic cube.  The Panther refuses him, but agrees to put up Marv and his Merry Mutants for the night in order to hear their argument.  We then get a mini X-Men reunion as Beast, Storm and Cyclops are all in Wakanda.  Of course, it wouldn’t be an X-Men reunion if Scott wasn’t mopey about Jean’s death.  Ten points for consistency!

                I Latveria, Reed is just now realizing that the Absorbing Man’s head is gone, so Reed, Sue and the Thing’s two kids head to a vault to find Doom’s time machine so they can go back and prevent the Tong of Creel from stealing the head.  When they get there, though, they see that the time machine is gone, stolen by the same people that took the head?  We don’t know yet.  The mutants on the outside of the vault break in so they can kill Reed and make sure that he never changes them back (they are lots of fun).  Just as they are about to make their move though, the mutants that want to be changed back to normal attack, driving back the “evil” mutants. 

Next Issue:  Have the good guys won?  Can they ever truly win?  Will Reed change the mutant population back?  And what is up with the cosmic cube?

Not So New Comic Review: Universe X #7

                We begin this issue with a brief history of all things cosmic, including Galactus, the Watchers, the Celestials and even the Silver Surfer.  We then begin the real issue where we ended the last issue, with X-51 speaking to the Supreme Intelligence.  The Supreme Intelligence issues a warning to X-51, saying that Marv is one piece of the Cosmic Consciousness away from being all-powerful.  This is apparently a pretty bad thing, according to the Supreme Intelligence.  The last piece that he is missing, happens to be Nighthawk’s eyes, the eyes that can see the future that were given to him by Mephisto. 

                With that segue; we travel to New York, where Nighthawk and Gargoyle are having a heart to heart, as Nighthawk has accused Gargoyle of selling out everyone to get his “humanity” back.  Gargoyle denies this and leaves, heading out into the cold, among the throng Immortus’ followers. 

                On the moon, Marv’s band of merry mutants show up to retrieve the Ultimate Nullifier, which Uatu was keeping in his vault o’ super weapons.  We then find out that the Celestial embryo in Earth (that was destroyed by Galactus at the end of Earth X) is not the only Celestial embryo in Earth.  Each reality (and there are a bunch of them) has its own Earth and therefore has its own embryo just waiting to burst out all Xenomorph style and destroy the Earth.  The rest of the heroes, on their way to ask the Watcher where he keeps his Ultimate Nullifier see him travel through a portal that basically takes them through history, not as active participants per se, but more as observers, unable to interact, kind of like Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol”.  They eventually corner Uatu and he relents, at first threatening to use the Ultimate Nullifier on them, and then when Marv explains that that would be interfering, he just hands it over. 

                In New York, Iceman shows up to help, while Spiderman goes into the holding cell where they are keeping Spiders-Man (apparently the truce they struck at the end of the Spidey Special Issue was a tenuous one).   Spiderman first wraps webbing around his eyes so as not to fall prey to Spiders-Man’s illusions, though, and then he asks Spiders-Man to join them yet again.  In Japan, Xen fails at their job of protecting the hands of the Absorbing Man from the Tong of Creel, and now only his head remains until he is made whole.  It just so happens that his head is under the care of the one-armed Reed Richards in Latveria.  We journey to Latveria at that point (Krueger does a phenomenal job throughout the entire series of threading things together so that we go seamlessly from one location to another as the action demands, and while this may seem like something mundane and not really worthy of praise, I’m giving it to him because there are so many damn locations in this series that he could easily confuse the readers).

                                In the realm of the dead, the heroes fight on against the minions of Thanos and Death.  Marv explains yet again that Thanos is not special, that everyone eventually gets a kiss from Death (she’s apparently pretty slutty, raise your standards Thanos!).  Marv explains that he will eventually be strong enough to kill Death, his whole reason for the fetch quest in the land of the living it appears.  Back in the land of the living, Mr. Church is confronted by Gargoyle, who refuses to help him anymore, to fuel his religion and the hatred and violence it creates.  We then get the big reveal that Mr. Church is in fact Mephisto, the devil, lord of lies, etc.

Next Issue: So, the devil has been pulling the strings, got it.  Now what?

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Prescription Overfill

When your teeth hurt, something is definitely messed up, that's what I've learned.

Friday, July 24, 2015