Friday, February 28, 2014

What Can Brown Do For You?

I wrote this joke after watching Trevor Cooney of the Syracuse Orange single-handedly destroy Notre Dame.  
He hasn't played acceptable basketball since then.  So I apologize for that.

A Chris Brown joke that references the Lilith Fair?  
Yup, the relevance of this joke will dissipate in 3...2...1.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Not So New Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (1991) #24

                 Valentino’s back!  I mean, you didn’t really expect him to be gone for long, did you?  Not only is Valentino back, but he brought friends in the form of the Silver Surfer!  Really, what good space-faring comic is complete without a visit from Norrin Radd and his surfboard?  Well, the surfer left his board at home this time and his picked up the Quantum Bands as he is now the Keeper of the Universe.

                We open on quite the conflict of interest as Aleta, speaking through Starhawk is trying to get Vance to give their relationship a try, even though he would, in essence, be dating a man with a girly voice, and only for part of the time.  In fact, it doesn’t even seem like there is much of a rhyme or reason as to who is present or when.  That could create some awkward pillow-talk for sure.  Starhawk tries to explain to Aleta exactly what is going on and why she shouldn’t be put off by the fact that Vance doesn’t want any part of her (which is so nice considering the fact that it is Starhawk’s fault she’s trapped like that to begin with) to no avail.  In fact, Aleta continues to cause extreme pain to Starhawk at every turn, to remind him that she’s there and she’s pissed. 

                After that little drama-filled escape we head out for some more bonding time!  This time it’s between Yondu and everyone’s favorite pointless character, Talon!  Talon, in an attempt to learn more about Yondu has struck up a conversation where, much like a first date, they ask each other questions.  It’s a way for the readers to learn more about the characters, I get that, but boy is it a painful exchange between these two. 

                Now it’s time for even more drama as Nikki and Charlie chat about their feelings.  Nikki feels unloved because ever since she dumped Charlie she’s been rebuffed by every guy she throws herself at (it’s been enough to be noticeable for sure).  They chat a bit more, Nikki seems to be ready to go back to Charlie, almost out of desperation, but he cuts her off completely.  Denied once again, Nikki cuts her losses and resigns herself to the fact that she and Charlie are just friends.  Whether Valentino is setting up a will they-won’t they relationship thing or what, I’m not sure but it’s a little much to have every member of the group have relationship problems at once. 

                The Comandeers, now relegated to watch duty, sees something streaking across the sky and call the Guardians in to investigate.  Vance recognizes the Silver Surfer, and we get a brief history of the Surfer, including the future of the current Marvel continuity, a brief snippet of a story that has yet to be told.  Now, the Surfer has returned to Earth, and because of the way he left it the last time he was here, the Guardians consider him an enemy, which is why they attack him  when he shows up.  He stops everything with his cosmic power in order to set the record straight, which he does, in a large bit of exposition, explaining not only what the Surfer has been doing the last 1000 years, but also what Galactus was up to, setting up the big 25th issue.  Basically, the Surfer, Firelord and a different Thor fought Galactus and killed Nova, his herald at the time.  Galactus chose not to take another herald because two of his former ones killed his current one.  Apparently without a herald, Galactus doesn’t eat, which makes for a cranky Galactus.  Galactus is so cranky that he is breaking the vow that he made to Reed Richards waaaaay back in the 50th issue of Fantastic Four (which is even longer ago to the people in the future) and he’s coming back to Earth…at least that’s what he wants you to think.  Instead he’s really going to the planets in the Alpha Centauri system (Yondu’s galaxy) to feast on the planets there.  Eon shows up and explains this part and the Guardians, along with the Surfer pledge to stop him, setting up an epic, anniversary issue showdown.

                Next Issue: The epic, anniversary issue showdown.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


If you can't beat them, then at least bet on the Mountain Men.  That would have been my guess too.

And yes, butterflies.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Take and Give

                 Events in my personal life have led me to the realization that the system, and the country that it supports is undeniably flawed.  For a long time, I felt that the negative view of the United States was unwarranted, that we weren’t really as bad as everyone claimed us to be.  It could be that I was just too young to see with my own eyes what was right in front of my face.  The stunning lack of ambition and self respect in my generation and younger is destroying this country. 

                This is a problem that has obviously increased as more options for children to be lazy and less accountability for those same children increased as well.  Instead of going to play outside, children are now sitting inside all day, watching other people play video games.  You read that right, watching other people play video games.  I am a huge proponent for video games in general.  I think they create and enhance hand-eye coordination as well as develop problem solving skills; causing children to not only explore every avenue in terms of solving a problem, but also providing an instant reward if they do.  Watching someone do that on YouTube instead of doing it yourself is tantamount to putting your brain on autopilot and pledging not to learn anything new. 

                Sorry, that was a mini-rant, and one not even completely related to the topic at hand.  What I would really like to uncover is the handout process in the United States.  How someone with no education and no skills can be making more in governmental support than someone with a Master’s Degree.  How did we get to be so backwards as a society that we are actively rewarding those individuals that sit home and pop out kids because they know that the government will not let children starve?  Believe me, I understand not letting kids go hungry, but if your entire idea of subsistence is popping out a new child every year (often from different fathers) so that you can cash in on their existence, how does that make you worthy of even having the child? 

                I understand that there is a job crisis, and a housing crisis and so many other crises in this country, but I have a solution for you, one that will cost no more than what the government is spending now, and probably a lot less.  Give these people jobs.  Give them all of the menial shit jobs that no one wants.  I could go on Monster/Careerbuilder/etc. right now and bring up 500 open positions in the Syracuse area alone.  If you give each individual currently on welfare a coupon with a special code on it that they can present to their prospective employer, thereby entitling that employer to only have to pay that individual half their hourly wage (the government would make up the difference) you can’t tell me that a restaurant or a department store wouldn’t jump at that. 

Here’s the kicker though, you get six months of housing assistance in order to get on your feet, and a month of food stamps to use until it’s gone.  (Speaking of food stamps, let’s dial back what you can buy on food stamps while we’re at it.  White or whole wheat bread (the store brand), water, milk, peanut butter, etc., things like that.  No one should be able to purchase soda, chocolate or anything that can be denoted as “fancy” while using government money.  Why should you be able to eat better than 90% of the working class?)  Once that money is gone, you’re done; you have to struggle to make ends meet like the rest of us.  That means breakfast for dinner, turning the heat down and throwing on an extra sweater and not being able to afford the finer things in life without budgeting for them. 

If you deny that, if you decide you still want to sit on your ass and just collect, then you can go fuck yourself.  Be homeless, die penniless.  If you have no ambition, motivation or self-respect, then you’re not contributing to society anyway. 

If you have children, and their other parent is better off than you and in a position to care for the children, then you lose your kids, regardless of your gender unless you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt why they belong with you over someone that works for a living.  This archaic notion that the mother should be raising the children has run its course.  There are plenty of terrible mothers (just look on Facebook, they’re the ones that always repost memes about being good mothers) and good fathers and this line of thinking that says a child needs to live with their mother to grow up well adjusted is about as forward thinking as women not being allowed to vote.  Children that grow up in a household of takers, will become takers themselves and if we are going to stop the downward spiral, it needs to start here and now. 

This will not only cause people to have to start working for what they get in life, but in the long run it will help those individuals that may have been trying to get off welfare but were unable to get a job because of a lack of knowledge or experience.  An employer would more likely be willing to train someone on the job if they’re only paying them half the salary that they require by law, thereby increasing that individual’s stock and making the next job that they get a lot easier to obtain. 

This is not hard.  Will it receive pushback from bleeding hearts that think everyone is special and that the destitute deserve the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness at the expense of those that bust their ass everyday to make something of themselves?  Absolutely.  Do those people have a pot to piss in, considering the fact that they are collecting a government check of a different kind?  Not at all.  Let’s make some noise.  Stop paying people for being lazy and worthless and start making them earn their keep.  Let’s bring accountability back to this country.  We can make it great again, something to be proud of, as long as we start from the bottom and build everyone up.

Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm a Winner

Sluggy's got a point.  If you're going to do it, do it right.

Friday, February 21, 2014

You Get the Pot!

There's nothing wrong with making a game out of a tragedy, right?  
I mean, people bet on the Superbowl all the time, and that was surely a tragedy for everyone but Seattle this year.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Not So New Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (1991) #23

                 It’s been twenty-two issues (one of which was double sized) plus a sixty-four page annual since Jim Valentino took a break.  He has been a trooper and the fact that there is another annual and an anniversary issue around the corner proved to be a little too much for him this time around.  Lucky for us he called in one of the preeminent illustrators of 80s and 90s comics in Mark Texeira (not the Yankees' first baseman).  While the artistic style is quite a departure from Valentino and Montano, it is nonetheless captivating to see.  Texeira does not dabble too much in backgrounds, and the fact that his character work is so superb makes this not a big deal at all.  His work is equal parts more and less realistic than Valentinos and as a little change of place it works incredibly well, and honestly might be one of my favorite issues of the entire series.

                We open with Starhawk’s betrayal, something that was teased at the end of last issue, but honestly I was a little skeptical of it actually happening.  It does in the form of an energy burst shot amongst Starhawk’s former teammates, forcing them to disperse.  This causes an ideological division among the ranks as well because Charlie just wants to blast the shit out of Starhawk with his array of giant guns while Vance, knowing that his lady love Aleta is in there somewhere, just wants everyone to get along until they can find a way to extract Aleta.  While the visual of Charlie and Vance arguing about this is great, it doesn’t really fit the dialogue too well.  Is this just overzealousness but Texeira or is Valentino having difficulty expressing what the panels are supposed to look like because he’s used to just doing the whole thing?  Who knows, and it’s been over twenty years so I’m sure the parties don’t even remember.
                Anyway, in typical Valentino fashion, it’s time to check in on a different part of the universe, where the mysterious character that keeps snapping up all of these villains is apparently Brahl, you remember him right?  The douche that sold out the rest of Force to Malevolence?  He apparently was kicked off that team so decided to start one of his own.  Beyond this slight introduction though, we’ll have to wait and see what Brahl is up to though.

                Back to the Guardians, we see that Aleta is affecting Starhawk from the the inside, causing him immense amounts of pain, like appendicitis I’m assuming, in order to get him to let the Guardians go and leave them alone.  In all this commotion, the mutants have escaped and are still searching for Wolverine.  They get to an abandoned palace but before they can determine where Wolverine is now, the Guardians burst in and put a hurt on the mutants (and the palace too, I’m assuming, architecture never comes out on the winning end of a superhero fight). 

                Talon and Rancor get into it because they are similar in style and somehow that’s how superhero fights always turn out.  Honestly, it would be better strategy to pair up opponents that could exploit the other’s weaknesses, but what do I know, I’m no superhero.  Just as the fight is about to reach its stunning conclusion…the mutants are teleported away.  It looked like the Guardians had them on the ropes, a resounding win for a team that usually can’t do that by themselves was snatched from their grasp.  Where did the mutants go, you ask?  After a lot of foreshadowing the last few issues it becomes clear that another player is about to enter the game, the one, the only, Doctor Doom.  I’m definitely interested in seeing how they incorporate him into this universe, and whether it’s even the same Doctor Doom that has somehow managed to survive an extra 1000 years.
                We quickly cut to Hollywood, who is making his proclamation that he’s leaving the Comandeers to go visit The Vision (Mainframe) on his home world.  This makes Tarin, the leader of the Comandeers cry, because people cry a lot in this comic. 

                The Guardians are now flying through space, for a reason unbeknownst to me as their base is apparently still on Earth, probably just to get us to this issue’s cliffhanger, which is the coming of The Silver Surfer!

                Next Issue:  The Silver Surfer!  You can’t have a comic in space without him (it’s a rule, I checked).

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Masochist Music Review: Everclear - Welcome to the Drama Club

What can I say, I’m a masochist when it comes to music.  I like to have complete catalogues when it comes to my favorite musicians.  Sometimes this is a good thing (Alice Cooper, AC/DC) but oftentimes it’s not.  Not only that, but I used to fall into the trap of hearing one or two great songs and purchasing a whole album because of it, which sometimes produced a diamond, but usually only coal.  During this series, we will dwell on some of the albums I have in my collection that are downright terrible.  I will re-listen to them all and give you my impression of them.

Now this is only my opinion, so don’t take it as gospel.  If you like a particular album in this series, let me know, we’ll open up a discussion about it.  I’m always open to discussing the merits of any particular album, and if you have any suggestions (and especially if you have the album itself and are willing to share your views) then let me know and I’d be happy to add it to the list.

Album Name:  Welcome to the Drama Club

Artist:  Everclear

Release Date:  2006

Why you bought it:  I bought this well after it came out, in a fit of nostalgia I’m assuming.  I liked Everclear when they first arrived, and Sparkle and Fade is still one of my favorite albums, so I was just hoping I could recapture that specific time in my life, that’s what music is good for after all.

First impressions:  It wasn’t as raw as Sparkle and Fade or World of Noise, the first two albums from Everclear, and it definitely seemed like the mainstreaming of the band had taken full effect at this point.  It’s not a terrible album, and it’s still undeniably an Everclear album, but the band has absolutely lost a bit of its edge over the years. 

Impressions upon listening to it recently:  It doesn’t improve with age, that’s for sure.  Everclear was never the most original band, and this album doesn’t really get them on track to be anything interesting or relevant. 

Any saving grace?:  The nostalgia factor of hearing the band is still there, but it’s not as strong because the songs themselves are a lot weaker and way more radio-friendly than their predecessors. 

Was it worth the purchase?:  For nostalgia’s sake, sure, but beyond that, not really.  I would try one of the earlier albums before this one if you want a taste of Everclear when they were really good.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bad to Worse

I don't live in a hurricane area, but is that what the 5-day forecast looks like?  
It just says hurricane, right?

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Revenge of Bob Vila

So, things didn't run as smoothly as they thought, and Bob Vila has his revenge.
Note to self, never threaten Bob Vila with a hose.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Not So New Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (1991) #22

                 After a quick recap of the last couple issues we get a glimpse at Starhawk, in his new ultra-cool black getup flying through the air.  Once we finish with those pleasantries it is right back to the fight between the Guardians and Rancor’s mutants.  Charlie hits Blockade, so to get him back, Blockade uses his mutant power and grows to a huge size, well past where Charlie would be able to handle…and then we move on to someone else.  Blockade could easily be crushing Charlie right now, but we’ll never know.  Instead we are peeking in on Nikki as she is riding around on her flying scooter and shooting at Batwing.  Next we get some creepy talk from Talon as he tries to hit on two of the mutant women.  And I finally realize who he reminds me of…Gambit!  He’s like a fuzzy, prehensile-tailed Gambit.  Anyway, Yondi is now going crazy on Shaddo.  He offers up a creepy smile and a threat and then we cut away to Vance fighting Rancor.  Both Aleta and Starhawk (now sharing the same body and apparently able to communicate with one another through the magic of comic books) are stunned at the fact that Vance is now out of his containment suit.
                Before we can get further into it we need a brief interlude, which sees Galactus’ ship floating through space as he bemoans the fact that he is so hungry.  This guy is whining like he should have a Sally Struthers infomercial and decides that he will break his long ago promise to Reed Richards and actually come back and destroy Earth.  That’s a pretty cataclysmic showdown, one fit for an anniversary issue for sure. 

                Our next interlude deals with a creepy blob monster and Tokka from the second Ninja Turtles movie escaping a prison, only to be picked up by a mysterious character (presumably the same mysterious character that broke the lizard guy out of prison last issue.

                After a brief interlude on Earth we head back to space where the Protégé calls off the search for Starhawk that he began many issues ago, but what’s this, it’s not the Protégé at all, it’s Replica doing her Replica-thing.  Unfortunately Malevolence sees this and it foreshadows some bad stuff going down in the coming issues.  So basically, in the span of four pages, Valentino has set up probably another six months worth of stories, and this one isn’t even over yet. 

                We head back to Earth just in time to see Talon say “Let’s Party” like the giant douche that he is and shoot his claw-bullet things.  We finally get some resolution all around as we see that Charlie punches Blockade (which is apparently the easiest way to get out from under his increasing bulk), Yondu is still hell-bent on stabbing Shaddo and Nikki shoots Rancor as she lunges for Vance, leaving her wide open for Batwing to, yet again, shoot her hover-scooter thing out from under her.  But who’s this to the rescue?  Why Starhawk of course.

                We make a quick pit-stop with the Comandeers who, despite the fact that they knew about the mutants as well, decided to stay behind and let the Guardians handle things by themselves, are dealing with some emotional issues. 

                Back to the action, Starhawk saves Nikki, who promptly punches him in the face.  This prompts Aleta to speak through Starhawk and tell her to cool her shit, which freaks Vance right out because his lady love is now a dude.  Oh, and the whole time this is going on, there are still the mutants to deal with.  Instead of taking out the Guardians while they have the chance though, they are just standing around until they try and convince Starhawk to join them.  This doesn’t work and we get some kind of cryptic message from Starhawk’s floating head on the last page.

                Next Issue: More floating head fun?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Masochist Music Review: Queensryche - Dedicated to Chaos

                What can I say, I’m a masochist when it comes to music.  I like to have complete catalogues when it comes to my favorite musicians.  Sometimes this is a good thing (Alice Cooper, AC/DC) but oftentimes it’s not.  Not only that, but I used to fall into the trap of hearing one or two great songs and purchasing a whole album because of it, which sometimes produced a diamond, but usually only coal.  During this series, we will dwell on some of the albums I have in my collection that are downright terrible.  I will re-listen to them all and give you my impression of them.

Now this is only my opinion, so don’t take it as gospel.  If you like a particular album in this series, let me know, we’ll open up a discussion about it.  I’m always open to discussing the merits of any particular album, and if you have any suggestions (and especially if you have the album itself and are willing to share your views) then let me know and I’d be happy to add it to the list.

Album Name: Dedicated to Chaos

Artist:  Queensryche

Release Date: 2011

Why you bought it:  Even though I wasn’t overly impressed with any recent Queensryche releases, I was hopeful that they would turn it around.  I was wrong, so very wrong.

First impressions:  I think I only listened to it once or twice, which should tell you all you need to know. 

Impressions upon listening to it recently:  I can understand why I shelved it back when I did.  Any highlights in this album (as few and far between as they may be) are overshadowed by the terribleness that is everything else on this album.  It doesn’t sound like Queensryche, hell even sub-par Queensryche (Q2K) is better than this. 

Best Track:  “Get Started” is okay, and probably sounds the closest to a Queensryche song of anything on the album. 

Worst Track:  “Got it Bad” sounds nothing like any Queensryche song I’ve heard before, and not in a good way.  The rest of the album is just jumbled drivel that sounds equal parts over-produced and unfinished.

Any saving grace?:  Not really.  It’s not like we can even hope the band can redeem itself with any subsequent release as they split up and each released an album with their own “version” of Queensryche.  They were on a downward spiral for awhile though, I think it was destined for the band to part ways after this release. 

Was it worth the purchase?:  Only if you can find it super cheap as you will probably only listen to it once or twice as well.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Seriously!  Who doesn't like a Bee Gees cover band?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Not So New Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (1991) #21

                 In a bad costume free for-all we have not only Charlie’s multiple pockets and bullets but also Vance’s sleeveless trenchcoat.  Add in to that this issue’s inclusion of Rancor and her hairy-gloved, pointy shoulder-padded ensemble and it is just an embarrassment of riches (or just an embarrassment, depending on how you view superhero fashion).

                The issue starts out with the mutants on Earth and Rancor tearing through everyone in her path to find Wolverine.  There is no mention of what she plans on doing with him once she finds him, but nonetheless, she’s looking for him.  The rest of the mutants get in on the action and then we see a shadowy figure that is apparently hidden (Stephen King style) under a dome.  He has some kind of nefarious plot afoot but we won’t find out                                                               what that is for awhile. 
                Enough moving the plot along though, because now it’s time for some hardcore character development.  First up we get to see Nikki try and singe the hair off of Talon in the naughtiest way possible, but he rebuffs her advances.  This leaves her dejected but if you’ve ever smelled burnt hair than his rebuttal was probably for the best.  Charlie briefly thinks of comforting Nikki, but decides against it.  Vance and Hollywood are sparring and then talk about their feelings, and then we cut to Yondu and Tarin (the leader of the Comandeers) just sharing their feelings without sparring.

                Quicklly we cut to a prison with a lizard-looking alien trapped in an apparently inescapable cell.  Something breaks him out, but we are not allowed to know who just yet.

                Back on Earth an alarm sounds, notifying the Guardians that Rancor is on the planet and tearing through all of the normal humans.  This cannot stand so they go out to meet her and stop her rampage.

                We take another quick break and witness the struggle between Aleta, Starhawk and the Hawk-God that gave those two their powers.  It’s not pretty as Aleta gets eaten (not really, but in her reality she is, which removes her physical presence from the situation).

                Back on Earth the Guardians jump out of some sort of aircraft high above Rancor and float(?) down to her location.  Rancor gets mad and proclaims that they will die (of course she does).
                In space, where no one can hear you scream, Aleta is doing so anyway as her presence is stifled by the all new all dark Starhawk.

                Next Issue:  Someone may actually fight Rancor, we get to meet the dark evilness that is black Starhawk and possibly even learn where Wolverine is after all this time (though probably not).

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

One Tiny Request

Neither this strip, nor the spoiled meat paste was not endorsed by Republicans.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Genesis: Part Three

I kept writing and drawing Eat @ Shrimpy’s off and on for years, but eventually stopped as my motivation slowed down.  This was a natural course of events as I came to the stunning realization that my lifelong ambition was not going to play out exactly as I had planned.  I had hoped to get a job right out of college doing something that I loved, drawing comics, but when no one knocked on my door save for a few individuals with a couple dollars to spend on pet projects, I started to pick up my pencil with less frequency.  I made a feeble attempt at turning it into a webcomic around that time but poor planning on my part left me with a bunch of art that was at too low of a resolution to be any good to anyone, which basically meant that if I wanted this thing to succeed I would have to re-letter everything that I had already done and then get back on the horse.  At that time it did not seem like a viable option, so Eat @ Shrimpy’s went on the shelf. 

That is where it stayed for years because I knew that if I were to start again, it would be an onerous undertaking.  I had the plot together for the first twenty-five issues and knew that once I started, I owed it to myself to keep going.  Then tragedy struck two years ago yesterday.  A friend of mine from the Kubert School, Lance Eslava died in a motor vehicle accident.  While being a sad event for all of his family and friends, hell anyone who knew him, it was a revelation for me personally.  I know that Lance was heavily involved in creating his own comic book to self publish, and actually had been developing the idea from the time we were in college together.  What he left behind was an unfinished work of art.  I was determined that this would not happen to me.  While I knew that it was damn near inevitable in the long run that something would be unfinished, I also knew that finishing a comic strip would take infinitely less time than finishing an entire comic book.  I decided to throw myself back into Eat @ Shrimpy’s whole-heartedly to ensure that even if I did manage to die before I said all I wanted to say, a good portion of the strips would be done.  I also made the conscious decision to avoid the day and date format that many webcomics try to adhere to.  I would work ahead, as is my general nature, and craft a story.  Sure, I have done some individual strips, and even some pop-culture heavy ones that when viewed even five years in the future probably would carry very little weight, but the bulk of the story is written well in advance.  The plan is that if I was to croak before my strips are completed, I could feasibly pass the reins to anyone and all they had to do was follow the script.  This is a large portion of my life that covers a huge portion of the lives of my characters and if I can’t finish it, I would hope that someone inquires about doing so.  I have the story-arcs broken up into “issues” of 32 strips each (as that is the size I wanted back when I was trying to do this as a print comic).  Currently I have twenty-eight issues written and I am working on issue twenty-five right now.  I know that sounds weird, but I haven’t written all of the issues in order and issue twenty-five is going to be huge so it has taken awhile to flesh out.  Needless to say, I have enough material in the queue to last me for quite some time in terms of story.

It also turns out that, because of the shorter amount of time that it takes me to produce a comic strip as opposed to a comic page, I can actually keep a decent schedule while still preventing the nerve damage in my hands and arms from becoming too much of a factor.  There is nothing worse than being halfway through a page and not being able to finish because of the pain in my hands.  By sticking to strips, I cut down my time drawing while, in essence, getting more done and being able to get more out to the viewing public in less time.  And on those rare occasions when my hands are working properly for an extended amount of time, I can pump out four to six strips at a time.

This is a perfect storm of both ambition and opportunity coming together and kicking me in the ass to get moving  While I still hope that someday Eat @ Shrimpy’s can be bigger than I would have ever imagined, just getting this out there for everyone to read and hopefully enjoy is enough for me at this point.  Thanks for reading!

There you have it.  Now you know the history of Eat @ Shrimpy's, so you can tell your children and grandchildren.  If you want an actual book to show those kids as well (kids love pictures!) be sure to pick up Shrimpology which is the visual history of The Masked Shrimp including all of his earlier comic book appearances as well as a ton of extras.  Ordering info is in the right column.

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Match Made in Meat Paste Heaven

Did you know that was a quality of spoiled meat paste?
The more you know.

Also, I've never done drugs, but if I was going to do any kind of hallucinogens, it wouldn't be while watching an Alice Cooper show.